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May 17Cocktail #6: Kombucha Margarita!

The recipe for Cocktail #6 comes from one of our fans, Audrey! You definitely need to check it out.

From Audrey Rose Rivest Audy - Instagram: @cravingstoshare

Kombucha Margarita
For 1 martini glass:
1/3 Cup RISE Kombucha Mint Chlorophyll
1 oz Gin (I used Ungava Gin - made in Quebec with only natural ingredients)
0,5 oz Soho Lychee Liqueur
1 or 2 oz orange juice
4 water or coconut water ice cubes

Mix all the ingredients together and put them in a blender. Be careful not to blend too much because you want to keep that slushy Margarita-like texture! 

The measurements are only a guideline - I always adjust it to my taste afterwards. Please feel free to do the same :-)

I also made another version with RISE Kombucha Lemongrass! The recipe stays the same, but I found out that the kombucha flavor wasn't standing out that much like with the mint one, so I added 3 strawberries to the mix!

It was pretty delicious, a bit like a strawberry lemonade slush! 

Happy tasting!