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April 19Here Comes The Best Non-Alcoholic Kombucha Cocktail!

Each Friday we will be posting unique Summer kombucha cocktail recipes (with and without alcohol), created by the greatest barmen and –women in town! Enjoy!

Here goes the winner of the non-alcoholic cocktails:


From Maxime Boivin - Barroco, 312 Rue Saint-Paul West

2 to 3 hibiscus flowers 
Juice of one lemon
3/4 oz of homemade grenadine
2 to 3 drops of oranger flower water 
Fill it up with RISE Kombucha Rose Schizandra


Try it out and send us pictures! Have fun!

If you haven't been at our launch event of our new flavors, here's a great video from the magazine Askmen about the event: