Why drink kombucha?

For its great taste, and to encourage Canadian organic products. But seriously, just try it and you'll know why.


What is the lifespan for a bottle of RISE Kombucha?

Although kombucha doesn't actually expire, we still put a "best before" label on our kombucha. That's because we can't guarantee it will have the same flavour, texture or alcohol content as the day it was bottled after six months go by.


Why does it cost so much?

This is due to the quality of the ingredients, the craftsmanship and the purpose… to name a few.


What is the amount of caffeine in a bottle of RISE Kombucha?

The amount of caffeine in a bottle of RISE Kombucha is very small. For people who are hypersensitive to caffeine, even in very small quantities, we recommend drinking RISE Ginger because it's brewed with white tea. The amount of caffeine per bottle of 414 ml is between 2mg (Ginger) and 8mg (Hibiscus & Rose Hips, Blueberry & Maple). If that means nothing to you, consider that Diet Coke has 46mg of caffeine and decaf coffee contains 3mg.


Does the product need refrigeration?

Yes. If it is not refrigerated, the content will become vinegary, continue to ferment and it will create more CO2. Much like shaking a bottle, leaving a bottle of kombucha unrefrigerated for too long can lead to a pretty messy situation. Treat kombucha with the same respect you'd give to milk and store it in the fridge.


Can I make my own kombucha?

Yes, you can! And you don't even need to buy a piece of SCOBY to get started. All you need is half a bottle of RISE. Check out our "Meet the Mother" section to find the recipe.


Can kombucha be combined with alcohol?

We like the way you think! Are we invited? And have you checked out our recipes section? We're all about RISE cocktails.


What happens if I drink too much kombucha?

How can we say this politely? If you drink too much kombucha for your constitution, it can lead to an overactive GI, which means you'll need to make a few extra trips to the bathroom. That's why we recommend starting with a bottle of kombucha a day (414 ml) and eventually setting your limit to 1-1.5 litres on a daily basis.


Is kombucha safe for kids?

While the caffeine content in RISE is low, kids' systems are obviously more sensitive than adults', in part because their bodies are just plain smaller. For that reason, we don't recommend kombucha to anyone under two years old. For a general rule, kids age three and up can drink their age in ounces on a daily basis.


What do you mean by living tea?

Don't worry, it's not anti-vegan to drink our "living tea". We're only referring to bacteria - the healthy stuff you'll also find in yogurt.


What happens if I shake a bottle of RISE?

Like the volcano project you did for the science fair in third grade, your bottle of kombucha will get fizzy -very, very fizzy- if you shake it too much. Did you bring a change of clothes? We certainly hope so.


Will the mother start growing inside of my stomach?

No, but you might want to hit the gym if you're making up these kinds of excuses.