We hire people from every horizons


Alain Lowe

Chief Sales Representative
Unlike Obélix, Alain didn't fall in a giant pot of RISE when he was little. Rather, he fell into it with a wet suit, regulator and oxygen tank after becoming a scuba diving instructor. Occupational hazard.

Alix Née

Brand Manager
Alix is passionate about discovering new culinary secrets and tricks. She loves learning about the history of food, traditions and cultures – all things that inspire her to appreciate whatever happens to fall onto her dinner table. Her curiosity for gastronomy and love of RISE`s ingredients make her the perfect person to be carving out a new direction for the brand.

André-Claude Beaulac

National Sales Director
As his first name shows, André-Claude has the energy of two people. He loves getting up before roosters and helping his student troops master the downward facing dog position. This leader of the pack is responsible for bringing RISE to the widest group of enthusiasts.

Cheryl Gomez

Ontario and Altantic Sales Manager
Born of several generations of farmers, Cheryl knows how important team work is and the value of foods. Her passion for living beings (humans and plants) and her sense of duty bring empathy and a certain degree of seriousness to the RISE family.

François Dandurand

Sales Representative
You have probably already seen François on his bicycle or climbing some mountain with his knapsack. Or, perhaps have you heard him talk about RISE before... he has been one of our greatest ambassadors since 2009.


Ivan Marenco

Industrial Engineering Technician
Responsible for molecular interactions, Ivan is really an expert when these are of social nature. His sense of humour brings even more sparkle to the RISE family.

Neha Chandrachud

Digital Marketing Manager
When she's not busy developing RISE's digital marketing, Neha is usually out and about exploring new crevices of Montreal and writing for VICE Magazine. Her natural curiosity for people and their stories make her the perfect person to be developing our online community.

Paul Gelinas

Brand Development-BC
Paul is a cello virtuoso, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics, and a Pulitzer. In addition to inventing the toe shoe, he taught Bobby Fisher how to play chess. When he's not lying in his bio, he is sharing RISE's benefits with new lands.