You’ll notice two key things about most of the people who work for us. 



Montreal is already unique in having a culture in which two languages exist side by side. Based on that, we’ve been inspired to ensure that our staff comes from a diverse array of cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. Our hiring practices are transparent and right now on our staff, we have employees with varying physical abilities, religious beliefs and sexualities. 40% of our staff is female and we’re happy to assign roles to women which challenge ideas about gendered roles.



70% of our staff is under the age of 35 – which to some, might seem like a liability. But we actually view this as one of the best parts of our company. We’re happy to offer paid internship opportunities to current students and hire many of our staff right when they finish school. The energetic vibe of our office keeps us #current and means that we don’t get stuck in convention like those other guys.

Our Staff