• Julian Giacomelli

    Julian Giacomelli

    Julian trusts his kombucha-fueled gut when it comes to business. Formely the CEO of Crudessence, RISE's sister company, he also taught business at HEC Montreal and continues to teach yoga in his free time. 

  • Simon Bertrand

    Simon Bertrand

    With a unique academic background in administration, music and botanical medicine, heading a socially-conscious kombucha company was practically Simon’s calling. He arrived at RISE with the objective of delivering 'real' food for thought with a drink that makes you think about how we affect the world and ourselves with what we consume. 

  • David Côté

    David Côté

    David would clearly have the most unique online dating profile. A living foods chef, nutrition expert and shiatsu therapist, he refined his culinary passions as well as his approaches to healthy living during the many years he spent traveling the world. Currently the President of Crudessence and VP of RISE, his lectures on healthy living are like inspirational TED talks that have the raw food world's equivalent to groupies. See, he wouldn't even need an online profile. 

  • Mathieu Gallant

    Mathieu Gallant

    Mathieu is, without a doubt, RISE's unofficial grandfather. Back then, this modern-day monk was brewing his own kombucha, way before it became trendy: talk about being a visionary! His entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit has led him to start numerous projects that all have one thing in common: undisputed effervescence.

The Founding Family

You've met Mother, now meet the family

RISE actually does have a secret ingredient, and it's the awesome people who have brought it to life.