There's no magic involved and you don't need to own a set of bongos to make kombucha.

Let the soda companies hide their secret recipes in vaults. We'll gladly share our basic kombucha recipe with you. Just be ready to add "giant gelatinous pancake of yeast and bacteria" to your shopping list.

What the hell - Tea


Green, white and black tea leaves from organic fair-trade sources -- a great natural source of antioxidants.

What the hell - Water


Fresh water, purified through a 3-step filtering process.

What the hell - Sugar


Raw, unrefined golden cane sugar that's exclusively organic and fairly traded.

What the hell - Natural Flavours


Herb and root-based, our 100% natural ingredients all have medicinal attributes.

What the hell - The mother


SCOBY sounds like an adorable acronym until you find out that it stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. But fear not. The SCOBY (which is also known as the Mother or kombucha culture) actually metabolizes the organic sugar and caffeine in the tea, so you don't have to, resulting in a drink with organic acids and microorganisms.

What the hell - Love


We'd list "love" as the 6th ingredient but RISE is vegan-friendly so we're cheese-free. Putting the ingredients together is straightforward. Mother takes care of the more complicated, essential step: fermentation.

Where The Magic Happens

4 of our 5  kombucha ingredients are actually common kitchen staples. You just need “mother” to make the magic happen.

What the hell is Kombucha?

step 1: Mix

Infuse water, sugar, tea and natural flavours to create a lightly sweetened tea.

step 2: ferment

Add the SCOBY to the lukewarm tea. Leave the culture in tea for 7 to 14 days. The sugar momentarily turns into alcohol during fermentation, and then the alcohol virtually disappears as it is naturally processed into organic acids (giving the drink it’s tangy taste). The yeast and bacteria amplify the flavours.

step 3: bottle

At RISE, we're hands-on right down to the last step. Our kombucha is bottled and refrigerated in Montreal -Saint-Leonard- to ensure a perfect balance of temperature, fizziness and flavours. 

VoilĂ , Ta-da, Presto, Behold!

What the hell is Kombucha? What the hell is Kombucha?